I offer creative brand consultancy
and craft the certain epic look
that fits to your brand and products.
From initial ideas to moodboards,
storyboards and prototypes to
high-end execution.


Hi I’m M/ke.

I am a Executive Creative Director with design thinking and a purpose based marketing approach. My strength and passion lies in identifying problems, generating insights and creating relevant solutions with a mainly creative and interactive focus. I always look for the story to tell, how to tell it and where to tell it. Having a strong digital vision and not afraid of working hands-on, I wish to change the way brands communicate: putting the user in the center of their communication. What I am: I am a visual engineer and brand shaper.



What I do.

I am working for entrepreneurs, agencies and companies in the field of creative strategy, film, branded content, UX and visual design. I work hands-on and am experienced as well in leading complex projects and teams in all sizes and structures. My clients work directly and close with me creating a more personal working relationship. From initial ideas to moodboards, storyboards and prototypes to high-end execution, I offer creative brand consultancy and craft the certain epic look and feel that fits to your brand and products.



Mike John Otto (aka Blackbeltmonkey).

With more than 20 years of professional practice, I gained the experience and had the pleasure of creating branded content and designing digital experiences and products for some great clients such as BMW, MINI, Audi, Jägermeister, Sennheiser, Rimowa, adidas and many more. My work has received numerous international awards, including Cannes Lions, D&AD, LIAA, New York Festivals, eurobest, Effie, Clios, ADC and counting.



How I work.

The most important question is how to provide something meaningful or valuable to my clients, their audience and followers. Valuable means a teaching moment, an inspiration, or something entertaining. If you know your brand and know your users, the passion point is the overlapping field to start working and creating concepts.


I create innovative services and epic content for brands as desirable and meaningful as their products.

More than 2 Decades in the Game.

While studying graphic design at the Münster School of Design, I started my  professional career working as a freelance design student for BBDO Interactive. I then worked as an interaction designer for Razorfish in London and later in Hamburg, moved on as an Art Director for Springer and Jacobys’ Digital Spin-off e7 and later as Creative Director for Interone creating award-winning interactive experiences for MINI and BMW. I left BBDO Interone in 2008 and started my own studio, blackbeltmonkey. After joining Hi-ReS! London in 2011 and bringing them to Germany I moved on as a Executive Creative Director building up digital advertising at Philipp und Keuntje in 2014. Since 11/17 I am working as a freelance creative director, designer, film director, creative leader and digital consultant.


Download my CV and PDF here:

> PDF download


I believe in „Freiheit statt Freizeit“ (a quote by Joseph Beuys which is the fundament for the liquid working thesis). That is why I see my Agency work as one part of the story and my Art as the other part. Both are able to survive peaceful side by side. In addition to my agency based practice and my Art, I am member of the Art Directors Club Germany, member of the D&AD and lecturer at various national design schools for Interaction Branding and Experience Design.


Bauhaus University of Applied Sciences, Art and Design Münster. Münster School of Design. BFA with honors. Bachelor of Design (BDes).


11/2017 – now 
Blackbeltmonkey. Freelance Executive Creative Director – Working Worldwide across multiple Disciplines.

01/2014 – 11/2017
Executive Creative Director Digital – Philipp und Keuntje | PUK

09/2016 – now
Lecturer for Film and Digital Communication, Münster School of Design (FH Design Münster).

05/2011 – 12/2013
Executive Creative Director / MD – Hi-ReS!

01/2008 – 05/2011 
Founder & Creative Director – BlackBeltMonkey

Freelance Creative Director –
Mother London, North Kingdom, Neue Digitale, Sehsucht,
Jung von Matt, Scholz & Volkmer, Publicis, Syzygy, Hi-ReS!
(Germany, UK, Sweden)

01/2004 – 12/2007 
Creative Director – Interone Worldwide (BBDO).

04/2003 – 01/2004
Art Director – Elephant Seven (Springer & Jacoby).

01/2001 – 03/2003 
Senior Designer – Razorfish


BMW, MINI, adidas, Jägermeister, Audi, Sennheiser, Bacardi, Montblanc, Hyundai, o2, Rimowa, Hasseröder, Telekom, smart, FC Chelsea, Camel, Bundesliga, Opel and counting…

Hi-ReS!, Neue Digitale, North Kingdom, Sehsucht, Mother London, Razorfish, Saatchi & Saatchi, Interone, Scholz & Volkmer, Mutabor, Philipp und Keuntje, Jung von Matt, Publicis.


2x Silver Cannes Mobile Lions
4x Bronze Cannes Cyber Lions
5x Finalist Cannes Cyber Lions
1x Grand Prix LIAA
3x Gold LIAA
1x Gold ADC
4x Silver ADC
6x Bronze ADC
14x Finalist ADC
2x Gold Clio
3x Silver Clio
7x Bronze Clio
3x Gold NY Festivals
14x Bronze NY Festivals
3x Gold IF Design
8x Finalist IF Design
2x Gold Epica
2x Silver Epica
2x Silver DDC
10x Annual Multimedia
1x Gold DMMA
8x Bronze Eurobest
3x Finalist Eurobest
2x Gold Golden Award of Montreaux
1x Gold Deutscher Digital Award
1x Silver Deutscher Digital Award
1x Silver World Media Award

Awwwards Site of the month:
2015 Sennheiser – Reshaping Excellence Webgl Special

Awwwards Site of the day:
2016 Blackbeltmonkey
2015 Sennheiser – Reshaping Excellence

FWA & Adobe Cutting Edge Award:
2015 Sennheiser – Reshaping Excellence

FWA Site of the month:
2015 Sennheiser – Reshaping Excellence

FWA Site of the day:
2015 Sennheiser – Reshaping Excellence
2011 Hyundai Light Reveal
2008 adidas Teamgeist
2008 adidas sign for your club
2007 MINI – incredibly MINI Cooper
2007 MINI – incredibly MINI Cooper S
2007 MINI John Cooper Works GP


2017 Cannes Lions, Mobile Jury
2017 Deutscher Digital Award, Jury Chairman
2017 Art Director Club ADC, Digital Jury
2016 Art Director Club ADC, Digital Jury
2016 Deutscher Digital Award
2015 Art Director Club ADC, Digital Jury
2014 Art Director Club ADC, Digital Jury
2013 Deutscher Digital Award
2013 Art Director Club ADC, Event Jury
2013 D&AD, Digital Design Jury
2011 Deutscher Digital Award
2011 D&AD, Digital Design Jury
2009 Art Director Club ADC, Digital Jury
2008 Art Director Club ADC, Digital Jury
2007 Art Director Club ADC, Digital Jury


Taschen, PAGE, IDN, WEAVE 
Web Design Flash Sites (Taschen Verlag)
Web Design E-Commerce (Taschen Verlag)
Web Design Games (Taschen Verlag)
Advertising Now Online (Taschen Verlag)
Hamburgs Kreative 2010
Selection Yearbook 2011
Page Various Introductions & features
Weave Various Introductions & features.


09/10.07.2015 The Extra Hour Cube by XH Collective & Markenfilm
Art Exhibition M:ke John Otto

28.09.2017 Bots and Cars Exhibition
Art and Photo Exhibition M:ke John Otto

I strive for creative excellence through research, experience and detailed execution.


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